First Blog Post!

And so it begins. My first post about my journey to the Appalachian Trail

I might as well start at the beginning, as this is the beginning of my blog. When I was about ten I found a book on my kindle titled Halfway to the Sky. It’s about a twelve year old girl who dropped everything and ran away from home to hike the Appalachian Trail. She was escaping issues similar to those I was dealing with at the time and the book struck a chord with me. That was the beginning.

After that

the A.T. became a sort of promised escape for me. If I could just get through high school then I could run off into the mountains and do difficult, wonderful, and ridiculous things. Like carrying everything I own on my own back, and getting everywhere I go on

my own feet. You know, like Aragorn.

But there is a second pull the A.T. has for me: the mountains themselves. Distant blue peaks blanketed in trees; not magnificent and snow capped like the Alps or Himalayas but ancient and rolling and peaceful.


A picture I snapped of the mountains near where I grew up. 

The mountains I grew up around are about 480 million years old, among the oldest in the world (though not the oldest as they were once thought to be), and I can feel that ancient majesty whenever I see them them. I took the photograph on the left on my phone in early April 2015. It’d been months since I’d seen the mountains and I couldn’t contain my excitement anymore and sent it to my friend. It’s not a particularly special photo in terms of composition or color or focus- I just snapped a hasty shot out the window- but I hope it conveys the majesty of these peaks. Or at least my love for them.

Because of the pull the Appalachians have on me and my deep longing to escape and do something hard and adventurous I’ve decided to thru hike the A.T. It’s been a vague idea and goal for six or seven years now but this Spring I started making official plans. I’m thinking Fall 2017 to Spring 2018 since I need a few months before August to prepare for college. But the point is: this is happening.

More on the trail itself in the next post. For now there’s a map below so you can get a feel for its length and location.

Until next time,



app trail map

Map of the Appalachian Trail


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