Progress Update One! (Progess Update #1)

Dear all,

Well, I’ve started research. A little before my last post I purchased a book about backpacking: Walking Softly in the Wilderness. It’s a little outdated (1998) but I got it used and it was the only edition they had. Actually it was a book that promised information about backpacking and I picked it up on that merit alone.  Regardless it’s proving to be a wonderful introduction to the world of backpacking. I’m especially interested in the equipment chapters because I honestly haven’t found anything about that on the internet and I’m eager to learn. 


Walking Softly in the Wilderness by John Hart

Right now I’m planning on a preliminary hike this summer in fair weather over a weekend, preferably. But it looks like I’ll need to have, at the very least, boots, pack, and possibly tent purchased already. And that’s just the big things. Maybe I’ll rent a few of them to try out and see what I like.

As far as physical training goes I’m still going pretty light. Yesterday I went about three miles all in all. Some walking indoors, some out, and some on machines, all for different effects. I did a bout of hard, uphill running on a treadmill which lasted about three minutes and threw in some weight machines for my legs and abdomen. I was pretty satisfied with that. Not that it’s any simulation of what the trail will be like but it was progress in the right direction. If I could do that three times a week, working my way up to doing a lot of it outdoors with my pack on, I would be thrilled. But my schedule just isn’t set up that way yet. Until it is I might only be able to get in one session like that a week. Then again I have some year and a half to train. I needn’t panic.

That’s all for this update. I just wanted to let you all know where I am as far as my prep goes. I think I might alternate between posts about what I’ve learned and what I’m doing and buying, and posts to fill in any questions about what exactly my intentions are with this crazy thru hike thing. Hopefully as this blog continues the explanatory posts will go down in number. But I am intending this blog partly as a place for my friends and family to go if they have more questions than I can answer about the A.T. or just want to follow my progress.  For them and even someone just interested in the process of preparing and completing a thru hike, even if they don’t know much about the A.T. itself, I want to include some background and explanation posts. Plus I’ll learn more about this complex subject too! But as time goes on hopefully this blog can become predominately updates on my progress.

Until next time,



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