Report on the Backpacking Meetup (Progress Update #3)

Hello, again!

I mentioned before I was going to attend a Nashville Backpacking presentation and I’m happy to say I did just that. About a week ago my mother and I drove into Nashville for the meeting and parked outside of REI, where the gathering was held. A lovely woman, whom I regret to say I do not recall the name of, gave a presentation all about her thru hike of the Appalachian Trail last year in Spring 2016. It was wonderfully informative in a more personalized way, different from the blogs and books I’ve been reading about the subject, and she showed us her equipment and pictures from her thru hike. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Another plus to the experience was that my mother was familiarized not only with thru hikes but also with the concept of a solo, female thru hiker. I’m determined to go on my own now- I know it’s safe- but I wasn’t expecting my parents to see it in quite the same light I do. But my mother seems to be on board so I’ve escaped a battle there.

Fitness update:

I’ve started sprinting pretty miniscule distances each day. It’s not much but since I loathed running in all its forms before and now I enjoy myself thoroughly, I’m taking it as good news and leaving it at that.

Next goal:

I want to go out on a familiar trail, perhaps at Hunter Creek State Park, and have a short, cute, backpacking trip on my own with my rudimentary equipment and my car not far away at any point in time. But accomplish that I’ll need a tent and pack: I’m considering buying those soon. If I do I’ll give a run down of the items I bought and then let you know what I think of them.

Until next time,



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