Buff Review+Self Defense and Buying Pepper Spray (Progress Update #4)

Hello again, friends.

I’m back with another update. I’ll divide this into three parts:

1) I purchased buffs and pepper spray this week (well, actually a lot more but that’s all that’s come so far).

So I knew I needed those two items for my upcoming brief backpacking trip. I’m still having a mini heart attack every time I order something with a pricetag that has more than three digits on the left side of the decimal so I decided to start small with headgear and pepper spray (more on that last one in a moment). And I love my buffs. The one on the right is possibly my favorite.


Mai pretty blue buff. Also works as a hat, balaclava, scruntchie, scarf, headband, ninja mask, tourniquet, and earmuffs.

I’ve only had them two days but I’ve worn them every waking moment since I got them. I understand they’re extemely versatile on the trail but I just love them for working out in, which I did yesterday and they stayed on great, wicked my sweat, and made me feel like a hardcore pirate who can thru hike the A.T. no problem with one hand tied behind her back.

I also purchased pepper spray. Honestly, that was more of a get-it-out-of-the-way-and-never-think-about-it-again kind of purchase. I would really prefer to never put it to use on the trail- or ever, if I’m honest. But I know it’s much smarter to have a back-up plan if an interaction goes south on the trail, so it’s in my posession and I know how to use it now.

2) I attended a Krav (essentially self defense) class.

That was fun! I busted up my knuckles pretty bad but it was a lot more down to earth than the Taekwondo I’m used to and I had a lot of fun. Though one class wasn’t nearly enough to absorb much more than the very basics I’m considering taking more classes next year in December and January, as I get ready for the trail.

Like pepper spray I don’t want to ever have to use this, or even be concerned about it, but I do like knowing the knowledge is there should I need it. That way I can set it aside and enjoy my hike.

2017-03-15Pepper Spray

Mr. Pepper

3) I went on a short, cute little outing with my younger sister, her friend, and my father. We made horrible mileage but we found lots of cool rocks so that makes up for it. Obviously.

Annnnd I’ve officially commited to going on a backpacking trip with the Nashville Backpacking Meetup group on April 22nd- April 23rd. So I have to have my tent, pack, and a proper sleeping bag by that date. It’s in over a month so I should be fine, but I still want to spend one night backpacking on my own before I go out with the big group.
Ah, decisions, decisions.

That’s all the updates I have for now. I’ll let you know about my tent when it arrives.

Until next time,



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