Gear Picks and A New Upload Schedule! (Progress Update #5)

Whew. I’ve bought a lot of gear since I last updated. To be more specific I bought:

  1. A tent. (Big Agnes UL2)
  2. A pack. (Osprey Aura 50 in XS)
  3. A sleeping bag. (REI Women’s Joule)
  4. A headlamp (Black Diamond Spot)
  5. A new pack, this one in size S, because the old one was too short for me.

My initial impressions of all these things are pretty much limited to how well they preform in my living room. HOWEVER…

I’m doing an overnight backpacking trip by myself this Friday and Saturday. So after I get home from that (taking lots of lovely pictures for you, of course) I’m planning a detailed overview of all my gear. I’m hesitant to call it a review exactly, since I’m a complete newbie and have virtually no frame of reference, but I’m sure I can at least summon up some observations likes, dislikes etc.

Now for my new schedule. I’m going to start uploading a post every Monday. I’d like to have a set time eventually but a few things in my life are up in the air at the moment so that’ll have to wait. But Mondays.

That means my next post will be on Monday and it will be a review of how my overnight backpacking trip went. Possibly with pictures. So stay tuned for that post. Until then, have a cool picture of a fish skeleton I found.


Cool, huh?

Until next time,






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