About Traimily and Big South Fork (Progress Update #9)

Hey guys,

It’s going to be short today because I’m pretty exhausted from this weekend. But I want to give you an overview of how the trip went. I’ll detail it a little more next week. But for a summary:

I met up with the group around nine in the morning on Saturday and we carpooled to Big South Fork, hit the trail about noon, encountered a massive snake and lots of beautiful scenery, made camp, hung out for several hours, and went to bed. The next morning we got up and lounged around a bit before hitting the trail again. This time there was a collapsed bridge and ruthless climb in store for us but I’ll get into that next week. For now I’ll just say we made it to the cars and back home all safe and sound.

More than anything I want to touch on the incredible warmth of the people I hiked with. I’ve always heard about how accepting the trail community is, mostly with reference to big trails like the Appalachian Trail. But I found it to be completely true on this hike in a way that it’s difficult to describe. It’s like the shared experiences bind you together, I guess. The whole atmosphere was very refreshing. I enjoyed myself immensely and absolutely intend to keep hiking with this group though it may be a while, depending on how my job situation works out.

That’s all for now; I really am exhausted. But I’ll have more next week, including some pictures.

Until next time,


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