Orginazational Changes (Progress Update #11)

Hello again!

It’s Monday and I’m going to talk about pack organization this week.

So I went on my second overnight backpacking trip two weeks ago and I had a great time, as I detail in a different post. But I also noticed that I had a lot of free-floating items, just sort of thrown into my pack. Additionally I don’t have a good place to put my clothes, or books, or electronics. In fact at one point my phone wound up in the mesh, exposed, outer-pocket just when I most expected it to rain. If it had rained I know for a fact my phone would have gotten wet before I managed to take off my pack and retrieve it, and I also know it probably would have been ruined. That moment is a big reason I want to remedy my disorganization before my next overnight trip.

So this is the game plan I have at the moment: I’ve decided to group my things into the following categories and give each category its own stuff-sack or bag, depending on the nature of the contents.

  1. Clothes                                                                                                                                           I was sorely tempted to say I wanted to have two separate pockets in this bag, one for dirty clothes and one for clean. But it occurred to me that during my thru-hike, a week after my last in-town stop, wearing one of my two shirts and my only pair of pants, the distinction between clean and dirty clothes will lose all relevance. I might as well get used to mixing my dirty clothes with my clean now.
  2. All things toiletries.                                                                                                          Okay this is gross, but bear with me. I want a small, non-see-through bag which contains toilet paper, trowel, hand sanitizer, Ziploc bag, and anything else I might need. Feel the call of nature? Grab the bag and go, everything you need is in there. I just felt like I was juggling all my things last time and especially with see-through bags the whole group knew where you were going. This way there’s more privacy, more organization, and more convenience.
  3. Miscellaneous.                                                                                                                      This one is actually pretty important because I found that I had a lot of random things floating around my pack last time. I intend to fix that issue with a bag for all that stuff.
  4. Food.                                                                                                                                        This will come in the form of a bear bag. It was surprisingly frustrating not to have one spot to put my food, and instead have to hunt down each individual item every time I wanted to eat. (To be clear I did hang my food last time, I just used my tent stuff-sack as opposed to a bag designed for hanging.)
  5. Water proof stuff-sack.                                                                                                             For electronics and anything else I want to keep especially safe.  Pretty self-explanatory.

So five bags. I’m waiting on an REI garage sale for that.

Also I’ll be camping next weekend for my brother’s birthday! So a post about that should be coming out soonish. And I still intend to tell you about my water filter and poncho, but I feel they deserve their own post and that I should wait until I’ve tried them out to give my thoughts.

That’s all for now.

All the best,



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