Radnor Lake Fun+Pictures

Short one today. I haven’t done anything specific to backpacking this week but I did go explore Radnor Lake State Park with my family today and I have pictures.

The first thing to understand is how delightful the Lake Trail was. It’s about three miles of woodland tunnel but the path is an old abandoned asphalt road. The result is incredibly picturesque and fanciful.




The lake, too, was stunning. It’s a bit (very) small, but clear and blue and at a few points I felt as if I could fly away on the wind coming off it.


Radnor Lake

Radnor Lake

We also spotted a fawn, not three hundred feet from the parking lot, just chilling with his mother Apparently that’s commonplace at this park, which I think is really cool.

Full tally of the wildlife we spotted:

  • Toads
  • Many turtles
  • Fawn and doe
  • Ducks (or possibly geese, they were far away)
  • Cranes
  • Snake
  • A blue and an orange salamander. We named the blue one Sally.

This is the snake:


Snek, snek, snek.


I had fun. It’s a great little park.

To update: my water filter and poncho probably work but I still haven’t tested them (oops). I’ll do that eventually, probably on my next backpacking trip, if I’m honest. I would rather test them in the field and be able to given an accurate opinion than have nothing to say at all.

That’s all for now.

Until next time,






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