I Got a Job at a State Park! (Progress Update #12)

Hello again,

So I got a job! At a state park, where I can be outdoors and near lots of trails.

34932207166_ebbb2b0813_o (1)

Myself and Pete the gray rat snake.

They have a little mini-museum there, called the Nature Center, and I’m taking care of it for the summer. Not a bad gig. It’s relaxed and pretty slow paced. Basically I give tours daily, show the snakes to visitors upon request, sweep up, feed the fish, and answer questions. I’ll be there full-time for the duration of the summer.

(Fun backstory: when I was interviewing for this job my soon-to-be boss wanted to make sure I was comfortable with the snakes. So she let me hold Mazey the corn snake and stroke and pet her and all that normal stuff. I did okay, I even thought Mazey was cute. So next she draped Mazey around my neck. I would have been just fine with that too but Mazey wasn’t. Mazey wanted to be back in her bedding where she could hide and she noticed that my hair was in a high, poofy bun that day. So, fast as she could, she slithered up my head, through my hair tie, and into my bun. And she just chilled there. To my credit I didn’t scream or freak out, although I really wasn’t used to having snakes in my hair. We did eventually get her untangled, and I’m now on good terms with Mazey, but I’ve decided to wear my hair in braids from now on.)


Exterior of the Nature Center, where I work. It’s a cute little building.

Strategically this job is well suited to my plans. I knew I needed a few thousand extra dollars to make my thru hike possible and before even hearing about this job I decided I wanted to work just over the summer so that the autumn was free for applying to colleges and backpacking in earnest. This job is perfect for that. It’s full-time but short and I have my autumn free.

But those are short term benefits. I also knew that this was a field I was interested in entering later on in life (perhaps as a park ranger?) so a job like this couldn’t hurt. And I love the outdoors and being near hiking trails. Heck, my instagram is nothing but pictures from state parks right now. My senior pictures were even taken at this particular state park. So all around it seemed like a great fit.


Oh! And I did eventually test out my poncho. It works fine, I didn’t get wet, but I never did get any pictures. Ah well, someday I’ll be on a lonesome trail in the wilderness when the sky suddenly starts pouring buckets. On that day I’ll get out my rain poncho and my water-proof camera and I’ll take a selfie of my dry, comfortable self. Then you’ll have proof. Until then you’ll have to trust my word that the poncho works.

That’s about all. I would have told you guys I was going to get this job a month ago but I wanted to wait until I really had it and everything was set in stone.

Until next time,






Pete and I again. They like to wrap around the neck because it provides a secure hold, so they know they won’t fall. But don’t worry: she’s not strong enough to cut off my airflow, even if she wanted to.



30740584264_e2734cb91c_o (1)

One of my senior pictures, shot at the same state park where I now work.


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