I Got a Flip Phone!

Yep. I traded in my iPhone for an old-school flip phone. Why? My smart phone was just really distracting.

I guess I’ve been working towards this decision for a while. For a long time I’ve felt like my phone was keeping  me from the more important things in life. With social media and the constant barrage of notifications I feel as though I’m thinking broadly, but not deeply. It’s easy to consume fifty short news articles a day and have a fleeting and insubstantial impression of each one but it’s much harder to sit down and read one chapter of a good book, even if the word counts of the two are roughly equal.

And I’ve begun to suspect that just because I have access to more opinions and information than I ever have before that doesn’t mean I’m digesting it or learning from any of it. In fact, I’m just confusing myself. So my new strategy is to drink deeply of the perspectives of others until my soul understands theirs in some fundamental way. I want to learn and grow from the information I consume and I hope my flip phone will aid me in achieving the clarity of mind I’ll need to do that.

So that was my reasoning. I started trying to implement my plan about a month ago and I’ve been fighting with the phone company ever since just be able to get a flip phone. It’s taken me many visits to three different Sprint stores over the course of a month, but today I finally got this little guy activated and ready to go:


My phone ❤

I recognize this topic isn’t, strictly speaking, related to backpacking. But it is, in another way, very much in the spirit of backpacking. It’s in the spirit of leaving behind the usual world with its busy chaos and entering a more calm place where there is peace and room to think. Additionally this step is a part of my journey towards the Appalachian Trail and as such I wanted to share it with you guys.

That’s all I have to say today.

Until next time,



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