About the Bees

Hello again.

Today I wanted to share an idea I’ve been mulling over, since my thoughts from last week seemed to go over pretty well and because it has to do with my work with animals over the past few weeks.

I’ve noticed that often times people will look at animals and say, “Oh if we were all more like [some animals species] then the world would be a wonderful place, full of cooperation and harmany and peace and hard work!” They say this of ants, and dolphins, and dogs, and bees, and doves and the list goes on. People seem to believe the animal world works by some angelic standard, and humans ought to strive to achieve its innocence and beauty and perfection.

I’ll take bees as an example because I often hear people say how hardworking bees are and how humans should try to be more like them. So here’s the truth: I’ve been observing a hive of bees for a month now (we have one on display in the Nature Center) and I can tell you for a fact that bees are cannibalistic, incestuous, fratricidal, filicidal creatures. That is to say that I’ve watched them eat their young simply because they were hungry, and that the queen mates with her brothers, and that they routinely kill all the males in the hive once a year.

It seems to me that no one in our society is advocating eating babies. But they are advocating imitating bees. And bees eat their babies.

I guess my point is that animals are not perfect in some way, they don’t operate by magical innocent rules; there is bloodshed and murder aplenty in the animal kingdom. In fact I would argue humans kill one another less than animals do, even if it’s not by much.

On the flip side, as I’ve been thinking about that, I thought of this: the point of being human is to rise above those animalistic instincts. We are to not murder, not eat our children when we decide we have too many, not to steal, and so on. These are basic rules everyone agrees upon as being beneath any human being. Humanity is, so to speak, called to be more than animals. Called to be better than that.

I mean, really, what do we think of a person who does whatever their urges or desires or instincts (whatever you like to call it) tell them to? That person very quickly becomes a liar, a thief, and even a murderer, and the law cracks down on them. Yet these same things we find perfectly acceptable in animals, who simply follow their urges the same as the hypothetical criminal did.

It seems to me that when we do whatever we like, following our instincts, we give up a bit of our humanity. And when we do the right thing, only because it was right and not because it helps us in any way, we take one more step away from the animal world and become just a little more human.

Does that make sense? This is still a fledgling notion in my mind and I’d love to hear other thoughts.

That’s all for now, I’m quite tired.

Until next time,



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