A.T. Thru-hike Budget (Progress Update #13)

Hello again, all.

We’re now coming up on the time when I hope to finish my thru-hike next year. That’s a big deal and I t makes me excited. It also makes me want to jump into the specific financial logistics of this hike a little more, and that’s what I’ve got below.

Thru Hike Budget

Inital Equipment – $1,500

On-trail purchases – $500

Food – $2,000 

Lodgings, Travel, Fees, Emergency Trips Home, etc. – $1,000

Total: $4,923

Some notes on each of those categories:

Equipment:  I’ve spent $923 on equipment so far but I’ve built in room for roughly $570 more I n accordance with the lots of little purchases I still need to make.

On-trail Purchases: This for when my boots inevitably fall apart, when I need a new sleeping bag because mine is for some reason shredded, when I decide I hate my pack, etc.

Food: $2,000 for five and a half months roughly equates to $12 per day. I’m going to try to eat well, giving myself all the meat, protein, and fat I need, so if I go over-budget anywhere it’ll be here. It’s worth it though.

Travel and Fees: I’m probably going to keep a “no beds until Maine” policy which will deter me from spending nights in hotels as much or, if I do, splitting the price of the room with a buddy and sleeping on the floor. Hopfully in return for the comfy bed they’ll bear the greater part of the bill. I also need money for transortation to and from the trail and a little buffer in case I suddenly need to rush home.

Basically, I want to keep my expenses under $5,000 if I can. But I hope to also have some buffer room in case I go overbudget on any of these categories. Working full time right now I know I can pull together the cash for all of this. I’m just excited for the adventure to begin!

Until next time,



I didn’t post last week, for which I apoligize. I was feeling quite sick and figured it was best to wait until I had the energy to deliver something of quality. To make up for it here’s a beautiful picture of Jackson Cave I took the other day.



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