Starting in Three Weeks! (Progress Update #14)

Hello again!

Lots to say this time. For one thing I’ve moved my start date forward! Because of unforeseen circumstances I’ll need to be home for about a month in the Spring, right in the middle of my thru hike. So I’m leaving at the end of this month instead. I’ll hike all of November, come home for the winter, and leave again in the Spring as planned, coming home for a month in the middle of the Spring hike. It’s a little more complicated this way but it works out to be the same amount of trail time, which is all I need.


Dehydrating ground beef

To summarize: I’m leaving around October 30th and hiking the A.T. all November. And… that’s in about three weeks.

So I’ve been cooking like mad to dehydrated all my food. I have pretty specific dietary needs so that’s turned out to be somewhat labor intensive. But it’s a little cheaper this way and I know it’ll be better for me.

I’ve also been buying up the last straggling bits of gear and clothing that I need. I’ll do a gear haul right before I leave and you’ll get to see all the bits and pieces I’m accumulating.

One more thing: I’m still working at the Nature Center, but only weekends now. And my last day is October 21st. After that I’ll be able to devote all my time to preparing for this hike.

I’m getting excited. I’ve waited and prepared for many, many years for this hike and watching it come together is both nerve wracking and exhilarating.

Until next time,



I’ll be going back to my weekly schedule of updates now. You can expect a new post every Tuesday morning.




P.P.S. Oh yeah, and Butters says hey.

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