Clothing Haul! (Progress Update #16)

Hello again!

One week until I hit the trail! It’s getting close.

Today I’m going to talk about the clothes I’m bringing on the trail and next week will be all about my gear. First, let’s go over my goals with selecting this clothing.

I wanted clothing that was:

  1. Insulating when wet. This is important because it’s going to be cool up there and if it rains I don’t want all my sopping wet clothing to freeze me to death. That’d be bad.
  2. Versatile. I want to keep many of these clothes through to the Spring, so flexibility, especially in warmth, is key.
  3. Durable. I’m trying to go higher quality in the hopes these items will last to Katahdin.


Alright, let’s get into it!

Darn tough socks

These are the exact Darn Tough socks I have.

Starting from my feet and going up I have one pair of Darn Tough* socks and one pair of thicker, Fits socks. Both wool. I want two, one to sleep in, one to hike in.  For shoes I’m bringing along Salomon Trail Runners. I love those shoes and I’ve been wearing them all the time, even when I’m not hiking. I also got gaiters for potential snow, and to protect my socks and shoes from getting wet and nasty. 

Pants now. I have a pair of yoga pants and one pair of synthetic joggers rated down to 30 degrees. The joggers are also super comfy and I’m looking forward to using them as pajama pants. I’m also bringing a hiking skirt. This might prove extraneous but if it is I’ll just send it home.

Oh, and on my hands I have lightweight men’s snow gloves by Isotoner.

puffy jacket

This is my jacket and it makes me happy. Okay? Okay.

For my torso I’m bringing, as my first layer, a generic synthetic sports T-shirt. It’s light blue and I like it. Then I have a black zip-up fleece. It’s a bit heavy, so I might have to switch it out, but it only cost me four bucks, so if that’s the case it’ll be okay. Plus it’s super warm. Then, over my fleece, I have a lightweight puffy jacket from REI.

Now, for my head. I’m bringing two buffs, which are probably my favorite thing on this list. I really like my buffs. I’ll also be bringing a bandanna, which may occasionally go on my head. All of those can cover my ears to keep in extra heat, if necessary. But I also have a generic wool cap, which will hopefully cover my ears too. I especially wanted a hat because none of my jackets have hoods and some protection from the elements would be nice.


This is me wearing a buff from last Spring. 

Other than that, there’s only my Frogg Toggs, which is essentially a rain poncho. It does have a hood, so that will provide whatever protection from the elements my hat and buffs don’t cover.

So that’s my wardrobe! It’s given me a lot of headache over the last few months but I think I’ve covered my bases with as little cost/weight as possible. It’s a fine line between freezing to death, going broke, and breaking your back with weight. I’ll find out in a week if my choices were wise or not.

Until next time,




*Where I can I have provided links to the precise product I am using. Some of the items,  for instance my joggers, I bought second hand and therefore cannot provide links for.


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