Moving the Blog!

Hello again, everyone!

This is a bonus post, because I’ve got some excited news. About two weeks ago I applied to be a blogger for a fabulous website called The Trek, which makes content about all things backpacking. It’s really a wonderful site, and you should check them out if this stuff interests you. But the point of this post is that they accepted me, and I’m going to become one of their thru-hiking bloggers.

What this means is that And If I Stand will, for the duration of my hike, be a secondary blog, and I will be recording all the nitty gritty¬†hiking¬†details at The Trek. But this doesn’t mean that I’ll never update this blog again: I’ve entertained the idea of making And If I Stand not exclusively about hiking but more about anything cool I decide to do. For example when I’m done with this thru-hike I could return here and talk about the next project I’m working on, and follow that to its completion. This works well with my title too: And If I Stand is an intentionally ambiguous name, not linked specifically to backpacking.

Anyway I won’t be on the trail at all from December to early spring, so I’ll probably update this blog during that time.

TL;DR: I will not be sharing the details of my on-trail experiences at this website, but at this one. So if you’re interested in how my thru-hike is going to go, check out that blog!

I’m excited for what the future holds, you guys! My first on-trail post should come out on The Trek by the 9th of November.

Until then,