About My Hike

I’m Eliza Corder, a seventeen year old girl set on thru hiking the Appalachian Trail. That’s a 2,200 mile continuous hike. Right now I’m in the planning stage: reading, researching, buying gear, and even an overnight trip or two. The image above is from my last big dream: to visit England. I started working towards that goal when I was eight years old and it was finally realized in the summer of 2015. The memory of that success is firing this new mission.

For more information about why I’m choosing to thru hike the Appalachian Trail (or, as it is commonly referred to, the A.T.) check out this post¬†where I go into detail on that topic.

And if you want a bit of background on what exactly the A.T. is and how a thru hike works I’ve got you covered. This post elaborates on those questions.